How to donate to MSF / Doctors Without Borders


This is the preferred site for MSF donations where You can donate in any currency or via Paypal or Credit card.
This site is set up in the U.K, and so if you are a tax payer 'gift aid' is applicable, and tax deductible!  All donations from this site go to direct to the Doctors Without Borders charity and into the international 'pot' of worldwide donations for use where it is needed most. Follow the link  for further details on where your money goes and how it is used.


We will also have a seperate Paypal facility should there be any difficulties accessing 'Just Giving'

or you can donate directly to MSF on their website (though this will no be reflected in the total raised).


Please help us if you can. If we all work together we can make a small difference to the plight of these people caught up in desperate situations all over the world.

Thank you in advance from The No Borders Festival Team 2017.


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