No Borders Festival (ROBstock Eleven)
           No Borders Festival           (ROBstock Eleven)

Welcome to the No Borders Festival



(ROBstock 11)

This yearly event is sponsored by 3rd Rock Grid Foundation and Community Stitchting Virtual World, for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders International.


The 'No Borders Festival' (formerly ROBstock) is a celebration of live music, Art and literature. All the performers giving their time free and donating their tips to charity. It is a truly international event with people streaming in from studios' all over the world to support this weekend.


2018 will be 3RD Rock Grid's (3RG's)  11th event for MSF.


From its beginnings in Second Life 9 years ago as ROBstock, the festival was brought to 3RD Rock Grid by the owners. It has now moved forwards with us from an owner led commercial grid, to the Not for Profit Community focused hyprergrid we are today. It has remained dedicated to live music but over the years has branched into various art's projects.


We have an excellent line up of Artists wanting to take part every year. A very dedicated organisational staff, far too many to mention, who over the last decade have been generous their time.From booking to developing new technology for multi grid events, our volunteers have given us every assistance to make sure the event runs smoothly .We hope to make this 10th event very special, so keep an eye on the running list.




Of course without our citizens and hypergrid visitors we

would not be able to continue to help the Doctors and ancillary staff. So join us on the weekend of the TBA 2018, and enjoy some amazing music, performance poetry and storytelling. All we ask is you leave a donation if you can - however small- in support of this amazing charity.                                    


Eldovar Lamilton Storyteller captivates his audience  under the 'Telling Tree'

The address if you are coming in from hypergrid is: -


We will also put a gate in the Welcome Center


In 3RG itself, just type Robstock into the map or use the gate in the Welcome Center

If you haven't got an avatar, you can join any hypergrid and hop in to the event. Or you can join 3RD Rock Grid Foundation and Community. Details of how to join are on our website.





Contact us today if you would like to take part!

If you have any queries please contact us at :


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